Feb 16, 2009

World Building Pipeline Notes from Thursday 2/12

World Building Pipeline:
  1. Back Set Building
  2. Camera Animation/Layout
  3. Add + Size Domes/Cylinders or model depending on complexity
    -  Take object through Priming
    1.  Automatic UV Mapping
    2.  Connect Shader
    3.  Decide whether the shader will be opaque or transparent
  4. Select Object for Painting
    - Determine resolution, brush size and type, and color
  5. See results in scene camera

Some thoughts and concerns.:
  • First we need to create the shader that is able to be painted on.  That shader needs two options, opaque or transparent but still visible.
  • It seemed Maya paint could do alot of this but we want to melScript it so its a very streamlined process with as little work as possible.  
  • It would also be nice to go to photoship if needed. 

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