Feb 6, 2009

Toy Story Notes Presented at Siggraph in 1995

So I found this while looking for Woody Models.  It is an indepth discussion of Toy Story's production from the really early begins to the end of production.  

Some interesting things are Woody started out as ventriliquist dummy and buzz as a gijoe type action figure.  

They talk about how everything in the movie came from the art department and they were not trying to replicate reality, moreso create a stylization of reality.

The production was done so long ago that they did not use polygonal model rather NURBS and spline patch modeling.   The models were also procedural.

The layout crew did some basic animation and placing the characters where they need to be and set dressing.

Rendering was carefully done and has line placements from programs such as illustrator to create fine detail.  Procedural shading was very heavily used.

"Lighting" was the generic name given to everything required for creating the final image - lights, shaders, colors, special effects (e.g., smoke), shadows, etc.

How long did it take?
1.5 years of story development, green light, 2.5 years of animation

Definetly some good stuff in here.

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