Feb 28, 2009

Maya Live tutorial video

This is a really cool maya live tutorial video.  He doesnt really explain too much but it shows how maya live works.  I am going to read the maya tutorials to see how he did this all.  I am not very curious about sticking objects to a table but the end of the video he a video of someone picking up some letter.  I am curious how to do something like that, because he had to animate the move of the letter betweens the hands. 


  1. Raymond Sung-Seh Harrison, Ghana.March 31, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    I love it! i am a beginner in maya. and i really luv ur tutorial. am on facebook and i wud be very happy to have u as a friend

  2. hello
    can you say how render it?
    i can see my 3d models but it can not see my image sequence (in the background)

  3. hello
    can you give me an advice please
    i can see my 3d models but i can not see my image sequence(in render.
    i do not know how to fix it

  4. hey there, i might have an answer for your question. If you wanted to render out your maya animation with the image sequence in the background, you might just be able to render out an alpha channel and composite the two movies together. the animation with the alpha channel on top of the image sequence. as for trying to render it all through maya, you can probably turn on "viewed through renderer" in the image plane settings. hopefully this will help.