Feb 9, 2009

An article about the pose-based approach to animating

This article about effective blocking methods was recently posted with the Animation Mentor newsletter.

Relevant to this class, he makes the tongue-in-cheek remark that once you've figured out what your poses are, and at what times (largely from video reference), then you're "almost done."

I agree with him, from the creative standpoint. But practically, you still have to pose the character in 3D, get interpolation working on all of your curves, etc. That chews up lots of time. Based on our recent conversations in class, it seems that this is a key spot to brainstorm ways to accelerate the process.

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  1. I was talking with Raf Anzovin yesterday and he uses the same approach to Animation. I asked, in his opinion what about animation took the longest? His response was the conceptual aspect of animation rather than the technical input of poses. In his experience the longest part for him is coming up with what he wants to do with a scene, the stuff way before he puts anything in a computer. He thinks that the process of inputting the pose into a computer did not take that long. It was interesting to hear because we have discussed that the physical input of the poses into the animation was very time consuming.

    Just an interesting perspective from someone outside our group.