Mar 31, 2009

Woody Rig Ideas

So this is pretty much the idea I came up with for placement of joints on our mesh and dots on Steve's face.  I based these off of both other motion capture systems and watching Toy Story.  The upper most dots will be used to define the top of the head, I dont expect much movement up there, the purple lines out of the ears will define orientation of the head and the lower most will control jaw movement.  The dot on the nose defines where the nose is.  Dots above the eyes control the brows and below define the eye area.  The dots in the cheek will control puffyness/creases in the cheeks.

The one thing about MoCapping Woody's facial movement is that in Toy Story his facial movement above the mouth and below the brow ridge is very limited.  In fact all of the characters in the movie carry the same limitations.  The human characters I would assume they would have liked to have more facial deformation but I am unsure about the Toy Characters.  Woody is probably made of plastic in the head so one could assume that they did not intend to have much facial deformation.  Or it simply could be that they just did not have the technology and know how to perform so much facial deformation yet.

Another important thing I noticed was that Woody's brow ridge never really got much bigger or smaller.  Again the was little deformation there.  However the eyebrows themselves were what really defined his expressions.  Overall I dont know if these observations make what we are doing easier or harder.  Guess we will find out when we try it.

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